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Art show FreedomEXPOSED was a total immersive experience held at Art Basel Miami, 2012.

At Miami International University of Art and Design, while working on my masters thesis I developed a company called “Transmedia Adventures” (TA).  TA consisted of creative class and community driven immersive entertainment experiences to benefit non-profit organizations and corporations via transmedia storytelling.  My research included participatory cultures, convergence cultures, creative classes, transmedia storytelling, and engaging and building audiences.  I produced two in depth art shows in 2012 (FreedomEXPOSED) to assist my qualitative research through feedback on these productions.

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Kikimora Studio Creatures Travis Newbill - freedom host Olga Volkus - sand art Olga Volkus - sand art Kikimora Studio Creatures Revolving door installation - Agustin Vargas/ Stephen Santana Freedom vendors Freedom vendors Freedom rendering - Agustin Vargas Freedom rendering - Agustin Vargas Freedom rendering - Agustin Vargas (Costume David Rameaux) Making of FreedomEXPOSED

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